LACEnano Magnetic Drive Brushless.Полный комплект в кейсе.Словения.

LACEnano Magnetic Drive Brushless.Полный комплект в кейсе.Словения.
Артикул: TAT-1608
Производитель: Словения.

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LACEnano Magnetic Drive Brushless Rotary Tattoo Machine

В комплекте;
-номерной сертификат ,
-машинка LACEnano из цельного куска алюминия весом 46 грамм , с безколлекторным мотором мощностью 40 Ватт ( срок службы около 10 лет). В машинке используется магнитный привод и она не нуждается в смазке или замене эксцентрика . Плавная регулировка хода иглы от 0 - до 6 мм .
-мини блок питания ,
-алюминиевый блок управления ,
-шнур соединения машинки с блоком управления
и оригинальный алюминиевый кейс.


LACEnano Rotary Tattoo Machine with Brushless Motor and Magnetic Drive (Box)

The LACEnano is the lightest machine available on the market that combines the best features of coil and rotary tattoo machines. By being the first machine in the world that uses brushless electric motor technology and a magnetic drive, the LACEnano has the power and precision performance like no other.

Each LACEnano machine is machined individually from a solid block of the lightest and strongest blend of aircraft aluminum. It weighs only 1.6oz (46g) and is designed for an ergonomic hold with both liner and magnum tattoo needles. Artists will also feel less strain while working, because the LACEnano uses dental machine bearings and an aluminum armature bar, allowing it to operate smoothly with drastically reduced vibrations. 

The LACEnano has a guillotine style chuck that is compatible with any standard 8mm tube/grip. It is designed so that it will not crush the tube like similar style chucks on other machines. Please be advised that cartridge needles should not be used with the LACEnano; it will not work well due to the magnetic force transfer, making the hit of the machine less effective.

The revolutionary brushless motor technology in the LACEnano allows for optimal performance. The power to weight ratio with this 40w brushless motor is six times better than the best brushed motor in the industry. Because of this powerful motor, it is recommended that artists use a tattoo footswitch that will operate only when the foot is on the pedal so that the machine can cool off.

The LACEnano is also the first to have a full independently adjustable hit, stroke, and speed. Since the power curve is completely independent of speed, artists can run the machine at full power at any RPM. The hit is infinitely adjustable from soft to hard and with a stroke ranging from 0 – 6mm, the LACEnano can be used for any type of tattooing with absolute ease.

Another great feature of the LACEnano tattoo machine is that it is 100% maintenance free, so that artists don’t have to spend any time taking the machine apart or lubricating it. The entire LACEnano machine including the motor can be autoclaved (up to 135°C) and/or cleaned with standard disinfectants and cleaners.

The LACEnano tattoo machine is designed to be used exclusively with the LACEnano power supply and cable due to the brushless motor technology. The LACEnano power supply has only one knob and uses an algorithm allowing it to adjust the torque of the machine motor automatically, taking the guesswork out of determining the best voltage. This power supply will control your machine speed range from 2000 to 8000 RPM.

The LACEnano Tattoo Machine Box comes with the following contents:

  • LACEnano rotary tattoo machine
  • LACEnano power supply
  • International wall adapter (plugs for EU, UK, and USA included)
  • LACEnano power cable
  • Aluminum flight case with foam padding
  • Certificate of authenticity and user manual

Please Note: A footswitch must be purchased separately. All other components of the LACEnano Tattoo Machine Box are designed to work exclusively together. Please do not try to use other power supplies and/or cords with the LACEnano tattoo machine, or other machines with the LACEnano power supply.


  • Machine weight: 46g (1.6oz)
  • 0 – 6mm stroke
  • Magnetic drive
  • 40w brushless motor
  • Certificate of authenticity and user manual included
  • Hand-built in Slovenia by Peter Bukovec
  • Power Supply: 2000 – 8000 RPM (33 – 133 Hz); one-knob speed adjustment
  • Power Cable: 6.5ft (2m) long with 24k gold plated contacts; equal resistance
  • For use with standard tattoo needles (do not use with cartridge needles)
  • Chuck compatible with any standard 8mm tube/grip

Key Features:

  • Lightest tattoo machine available on the market
  • Machined from the lightest, strongest blend of aircraft aluminum
  • High power and performance with brushless motor technology; designed to work perfectly for 10 years
  • First independently adjustable hit, stroke, and speed
  • Reduced vibrations with dental machine bearings and aluminum armature bar
  • Designed for an ergonomic holding position with both liner and magnum needles
  • First fully autoclave-safe tattoo machine – including motor (up to 135°C)
  • Convenient, compact-sized power supply with aluminum enclosure
  • Individually hand tested power cables to ensure quality

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